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What we do

What we do..

Gone are the days of retired police detectives in trilby hats and macs snooping around with holes cut out of newspapers to see through, there are no more rendezvous’ in the park to hand over an unlabelled envelope with black and white photos inside these days the world of private investigations is much more mainstream.

Don’t be fooled the art of surveillance hasn’t changed, the patience it requires, the ability to observe without being noticed and most importantly the ability to document the evidence. As the times have changed so have the methods; with most companies now preferring to use video instead of pictures as this enables the evidence to stand up to scrutiny more robustly.  

Private investigators gather evidence using a wide variety of tactics be it from a specialised surveillance vehicle that will have been modified or using an array of covert cameras that enable them to get close without being noticed. The footage is all HD and crystal clear.

Did you know?

The private investigations sector isn’t regulated, it requires no licensing and private investigators don’t have to report to any official agency but there are ways to make sure the company that you hire is following some simple rules.

 If you are unsure ask to see the following

·        Data protection register number

·        Insurance details

·        Ask for qualifications and any association memberships

These simple questions can help you avoid some of the rouge companies and ensure your case is handled in the correct manner.