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Overwatch Investigations


Providing you with the evidence to make an informed decision



Manned surveillance-

By using combined techniques perfected by the military, police and civil agencies we provide a private investigation capability that works in every environment be it rural or urban.  Our private investigation operatives have a proactive mentality and the best equipment to ensure the results are second to none. During the process of the private investigation you will be kept up to date at all times using a method of communication that suits you.

Our final report is presented in a format that can be used in court and will be provided in either a digital format or hard (paper) copy if requested.

Our operatives are equipped with;

  • Specially adapted surveillance vehicles

  •    Various image capturing devices

  •    Communications equipment

  •    Rural concealment equipment

  •    Various image capturing devices

Unmanned surveillance-

Unmanned surveillance can be provided in many forms from installation of CCTV cameras to more covert hidden options, once again we provide the ability to install an unmanned option almost anywhere including residential and commercial properties.

  • Long or short term solutions available

  • Professional installation

  • Full HD and night vision options available